Baranti: The Abode of Mother Nature

Boranti or Baranti is a mesmerizing and picturesque santhal village full of flora and fauna, surrounded by hills and lakes. It is just 265 Km away from the City of Kolkata. The exquisite blue sky, dark green forest and scintillating clear water of the lake will surely enthral you. The Muradi Lake which is created by mud dam runs throughout Boranti. All kind of sweet water fishes including king of fishes Rohu and Katla are available here in abundance.  Small and big fish spices are also found in the Muradi Dam. Boranti is located at the base of the Panchkot Hill at one side and the Biharinath Hill on the other. There are many natural flora prevalent here.

The tropical forest at Boranti is filled with large number of Bamboo shrubs. Apart from this it has Sal, Piyal, Amloki, Bahra, Haritoki, Neem and other tropical trees. Palash tree is available everywhere in Boranti. The locals collect dry firewood and leaves for their everyday needs from the forest. The natural flora is a blessing to them! Regarding the fauna- rabbits, wild boars, foxes, wolves, porcupines and deer are widely found at the Boranti forest. If you are lucky you might see an elephant or a deer too. This place is visited by a bunch of migratory and local birds. The location is a heaven for bird watchers and photographers. If you are a tourist or trekker and want to rejuvenate yourself- then Boranti is an ideal place for you. At Boranti you can relish the divine grace of Mother Nature. There are many nearby tourist spots available-Biharinath, Garpanchkot, Maithon Dam, Ayodhaya Pahar, Kashipur Rajbari and Joychandi Pahar.

The food available here are incredible in taste.  You can get a family restaurant in Baranti. Bengali food, Chinese food and north Indian cuisines are widely available here. You can try the local” Postor Bora” which  is a cullet like thing made from grinded poppy seeds with chopped onions and green chilly. Besides there are many fish cuisines are available. Fooding and lodging in Baranti are awesome. If you want to spend some tranquil and peaceful days at Boranti, the Spangle wings resort is the only option. Located at heart of the Boranti Village, Spangle wings resort is a hotel in Baranti. It has all types of rooms ranging from Deluxe AC Room, Standard Room, Premium AC Room, Superior Room and Dormitory Room (8 Bed). Spangle wings resort have affordable packages for trekker, hikers and tourists. Spangle wings resort is a one destination for accommodation in Baranti. Contact us at:

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