Best Resorts For a Perfect Weekend – In Baranti

Baranti is a small, quiet and serene tribal village situated in Purulia. There is a 1 km long dam, located between two small hillocks, Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. Baranti is in the vicinity of Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project. The ones visiting Baranti gets a grand view of the reservoir.

It is a place where one can take a break from drudgery and the daily monotonous busy schedule and simply rejuvenate one’s mind and soul. It is part of the wonderful Rarh countryside.

Baranti is also a picnic spot where people from nearby areas come for a day.

 Preferred season: winter.

How to reach us at Baranti 


From Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata Airport) take Belghoria Express way by car, after Rajchandra pur Toll plaza take Durgapur Express way (NH-2)cross Durgapur city & reach Punjabi more then left turn —before Raniganj station — turn Right & cross Mejia bridge then turn Right for Saltora Raghunathpur Road — after just crossing Santuri Police Station turn right for Baranti village — Via Tallberia village & Jibanpur village. Spangle Wings Resort is near baranti Dam. Distance from Kolkata 238km.


From Kolkata or any other district of south Bengal Take Durgapur Express way(NH-2), cross Durgapur city & reach Punjabi more then left turn-before Raniganj station — turn Right & cross Mejia bridge then turn Right for Saltora Raghunathpur Road — after just crossing Santuri Police Station turn right for Baranti village — Via Tallberia village & Jibanpur village. Spangle Wings Resort is near baranti Dam. Distance from Kolkata 230km.


Reach Asansol by train or a bus. From Asansol take a car to Baranti. Spangle Wings Resort is at a distance 38 km from Asansol station.

Reach Asansol from Kolkata/Sealdah/Howrah by train. Then take a train to Muradi from Asansol (22 km). From Muradi reach Spangle Wings Resort by Car or rickshaw (6 km from Muradi station).

Take a train from Howrah to Adra. Then from Adra take a train to Muradi (23 km). From Muradi reach Spangle Wings Resort by Car or rickshaw (6 km from Muradi station).

If you are interested in butterflies, Fireflies, beetles, dragonflies or any other insects, Baranti is an alternative for your vacation and an aid in your research. We can drive you into insect’s paradise “The Baranti Hill area” where thousands of different species live.

Our goal is always to assure the best to entomologists, students, wildlife photographers and nature lovers wishing to visit The Baranti Hill and Forest Area

Apart from this, in every year many individuals or groups of students and researchers come here for Camp/Summer camp on environmental study, Socio-Economic Study, Nature Study, Fine Arts, Photography, Anthropology , Geography and Geology etc.

We provide Accommodation and food. We furnish local tribal guides, vehicles, and tour itineraries for a day, a week, or more, for one person or a large group (40-50).


If you are looking for a vacation in the lap of nature which can refresh your mind and soul with new energy, then Baranti is a best place you are seeking for. A small tribal village surrounded with splash green forest, a big natural lake and few elegant hills. Baranti is the paradise on this earth having different colours in different seasons. The hills are crowned with greenery of nature during rainy season, slightly grey during winter and are dotted with fiery red leaves during spring. The fiery red color comes from the fully blossomed Palash trees, a source for natural red color. The life and people at Baranti are very simple. The peaceful tribal village with truthful people and their simplicity is an envy for people staying in big cities and metros.

The place does not have a charter for anything. You can simply be lazy or do whatever you want. Walk along the red mud road along with the Muradi dam or reach the foot of the hill, stroll along the dense forest – you may spot some wild variety of birds and animals. If you are lucky, you may find some other wild species like wolf or fox. The forest has a habitant of deer and elephants too.

The forests of Baranti hill and surroundings consist of trees like, Sal, Piyal, Segun, Mahua, and other trees. Palash tree is a specialty in Baranti and is found everywhere. The local habitants collect dry firewood and leaves for their daily needs from this forest. You will get refreshed with the savor and flavor of those trees. The forest, hill and lake looks mysterious in a full moon night. Sitting in the resort balcony you may hear many unknown sounds of the wilds & birds.

The morning is very pleasant in Baranti when thousands of crippling birds welcomes the day. In rainy season the aroma of wet earth mixed with many other flavors will recharge and rejuvenate you with a new freshness of life. The inhabitants of Baranti Lake are all kinds of sweet water fishes including king of fishes Rohi and Katla. Many other small and big species of fish are also found in the Muradi Dam. If interested, you can also try your hand at angling.

There are many decent and budget accommodation in the form of hotel and resort available in Baranti. Among them Spangle Wings Resort is the best resort in Baranti. This resort offer stay facility with Bengali and Chinese Food. The taste of food here is marvelous if you like simple yet tasty food because all the preparations are made from fresh ingredients which makes the food traditional, simple, tasty and healthy.


The hospitality and care you receive in the resort are more worth than a 5-star hotel. Spangle Wings Resort welcomes all nature-lovers from all over the country to enjoy a few days in the lap of nature & be refreshed.


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