Guest house in Baranti-a lush tropical paradise

Spangle wings resort is a hotel in Baranti which provide clean and comfortable living. Customer satisfaction is our main concern. That’s why we provide quality services to our customers at affordable rates. Those who plan to relax and rejuvenate or plan to spend the weekend at Baranti- Spangle wings resort is a one stop solution for you. We have  five types of rooms types of rooms ranging from Deluxe AC Room, Standard Room, Premium AC Room, Superior Room and Dormitory Room (8 Bed).We have affordable packages for trekker, hikers and tourists. Baranti is a wonderful place to trek. It is an exquisite and picture perfect santhal village full of flora and fauna, surrounded by hills and lakes. It is located at the foundation of the Panchkot Hill at one side and the Biharinath Hill on the other. The Muradi Lake flows all through Baranti. The rain forest at Baranti is filled Bamboo shrubs, Sal, Piyal, Amloki, Bahra, Haritoki and Neem etc. The animals include- rabbits, wild boars, foxes, wolves, porcupines and deer. So it is an ideal family destination. Baranti police is very much vigil and keep close watch on every tourist move. They are available 24×7 at your service. Therefore you are completely safe at Baranti.

Regarding food you can get a family restaurant in Baranti. Bengali, Chinese and North Indian dishes are widely available here. The lake in Baranti is full of fresh water fishes like Rohu and Catla. So you can have a big feast over there. There are plenty of tourist locations in Baranti for you to explore! Such is the attractiveness of Baranti. The Panchkot hill and the Biharinath hill are nice place to trek and to arrange an excursion. At Baranti you would feel at the abode of Mother Nature.  Regarding the famous nearby tourist spots mention may be made of Garhpanchkot, Panchet Dam and Joychandi Hill. Situated at the bottom of the Panchet hill, Garhpanchkot offers an amazing topography. It is not just the scenic beauty that attracts tourist to Garhpanchkot but some history are also attached with Garhpanchkot. The next – the heaven for photography is the Panchet dam. The next attraction is the Joychandi Hill. The main attraction of the Joychandi Hill is a perpendicular levitation to the temple via a 480 step winding staircase, which goes past a semaphore tower. Semaphore tower or visual telegraph, was a most popular communication technology in the pre – telegram days. This is quite interesting! One last thing if you ever come to Baranti then don’t miss the Sunrise and the Sunset. You can also do fishing in the Baranti Lake.

If you are planning to spend your weekend in Baranti then Baranti guest house- spangle wings resort is a good option for you. We look forward to welcome you on our resort. Now the last question? How to reach Baranti? Baranti is nearly 236 km away from Kolkata, the nearest airport being at Kolkata. By car- take Durgapur expressway up to Raniganj, take left turn to Mejia Ghat Bridge, and drive straight reach to Saltora. The right turn ahead from Saltora takes to Baranti. By train reach Asansol station then reach Baranti by Taxi or Auto. By Bus – reach Raniganj. From here get a bus or mini bus and drop near to Saltora. Hired taxi, Auto rickshaw to move to your destination. Congratulations, you have reached Baranti.

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