Popular for its rich heritage and culture and the very vibrant tribal people, Purulia, one of the most widely spoken about tourist attraction places in West Bengal is getting an additional edge among travel bonkers and nature lovers, thanks to Baranti, a small but unbelievably scenic village at the place. Situated in a magnificent location between Baranti Hill and Baranti Lake, Baranti due to its effortlessly serene and peaceful environment has become one of the most famous gateways for people who seek to indulge in the virginity of nature and rejuvenate their souls by becoming one with the Mother Nature. In the month of July and august you will become spellbound on seeing the variety of Colourful Butterflies. Even if you are looking for wildlife experience, you may also find deers, wild boars, wolves & so many other wild creatures from the balcony itself when these wild animals come to drink water from the lake at night. Fishermen also find Baranti a place of fortune as the lake possesses various species of delicious fish which you may also enjoy at your lunch/dinner. A perfect spot for a short break from the hustle and monotone of city life, this place is one of those very few locations which remain fresh and evergreen in the memories of people who witness its beauty.


The best way to visit Baranti is to take a night train to Adra. From there, a local train will take you towards Asansol, through the rugged landscape of Purulia, past the towering cliffs of Jaichandi, to the sleepy station of Muradi. From Muradi, you can take a jeep or a leisurely but bumpy rickshaw ride to Baranti.

Evening is the perfect time to stroll along the embankment of the dam. Sunsets are spectacular as the fiery ball dips behind a hill on the western shores of the dam, streaking the water and sky with a riot of colours. If you are in the mood for solitude (or romance) then stick around to admire the natural splendor of the star-studded night sky.


For those who plan to stay a little longer, there are numerous places to visit in and around Baranti. One can take a drive up to Panchet and Maithon Dam to soak in the beauty of the rivers. For those hit by the shopping bug, a visit up to Raghunathpur village is a must for its exquisite Tussar Silk sarees. For the more adventurous, one can hike up Baranti Hill with the help of a local guide, which overlooks the resort and is adorned with dense vegetation. The hilltop offers a breathtaking view of the dam and the rugged landscape that surrounds it. Or for the movie buff, there is Jaichandi Pahar nearby, where the very famous Bengali movie, Hirak Rajar Deshe was shot. Visiting Garphanchakot and Bihari Nath Pahar are other options one can explore.
Next morning, it's time to head home, back to the hustle and the bustle. But taking a break at Baranti could make the tedium more tolerable for a few weeks at least.